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Joe's Car Care

CALL 618-483-5024            601 WEST JEFFERSON ALTAMONT, IL

Remember! You have the right to choose your auto body repair facility. Don’t allow your insurance carrier to steer you away to inferior quality and expertise. Cheaper isn’t better – other auto body shops have to cut costs somehow to deliver a "cheaper" repair and it’s your car that suffers. Do you really want that? Go with the best…Joe's Car Care The Collision Specialists.

here is some body shops sayings that make a LOT of sense - You can have your car repaired fast or you can have it repaired right but you can't have both. And another one is --- You can have your car repaired cheap or you can have it repaired right, but you can't have both. There is no such thing as a quality, fast, cheap repair. That animal don't exist.

Bring it by when there done with it. And i will show you why...